A Miracle…..a miracle

A Miracle…..a miracle


The doctor perceives it’s biological
The psychologist claims it’s logical
The clergy pronounces it’s biblical
But I confirm it’s a miracle.

It’s a miracle, a miracle
How a baby forms and grows
In the world of a mother’s womb.

There is a thought
And an action
A reaction follows
And the baby is born.

Behind the scenes
working night and day
Day and night
Is a hand
Unseen by all.

It is a miracle; a miracle
Oh how I love every moment
The movement
The kick, the jerk, the very feel.
Of life within.

One day father prides
To hear his baby’s heart stride
Places his stethoscope
And up he jumps with fright
Oh what a sight!
The baby kicked it
With all its might
It is a miracle, a miracle.

Off to movies I go one day
When I am almost through the way
Then in the loudness of the sounds
I feel the baby kicking all around
It is a miracle; a miracle

God spared not the women you say
In labour do we bring forth the babe
Oh you men, you bunch of fools
God chose us, special one,
To be part of the continuous miracle
Oh what a joy; what a thrill
To have the baby grow in me
It is a miracle, a miracle.

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Alice Mathews Martin

Alice Mathews Martin

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