Are reality shows more like a family drama?

Are reality shows more like a family drama?

The reality shows in television are no less in competition to Soap Operas when it comes to TRP. These shows have emotion, empathy, drama, entertainment and action. It seems like reality shows with skilled based format end up incorporating melodrama in it, all for the sake of a larger TRP graph. These shows air every episode for a minimal minutes (deviating from the set format) to a melodramatic milieu.

So, be it cooking show or a talent show, the basic format of the show is to evoke a sense of empathy in the audience to stay connected with it for days, weeks, months and even years.

What is the audience of 2023 looking for?

This is something that can be discussed at length. Probably a larger part of audience is looking for more learning, and few tears in shows that are skilled based. But there are a fraction of audience looking just for skills.  It is high time for the reality shows to have a reality check to enhance the entertainment parameter on television.

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Ansulika Paul

Ansulika Paul

Ansulika Paul is a poet, author, researcher and filmmaker. She is a filmmaker by heart and a film critic by words.

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