Dr. Bharti Keshwani

Pollution at it’s peak,
Population at a great risk,
Mother earth feels but can’t speak,
So, she has some ways to seek,
Because she also wants to breathe.

She tried to be polite and discreet,
Feeling depressed, ignored and omit,
She decided to be firm and concrete,
So, to be sterile and pristine,
Every century something disastrous she breed,
Away back it was cholera which seized the ease,
Now is the turn for corona virus disease.

The government tried some ways to cease,
And requested the nation to
stay home please. ??

Dr.Bharti Keshwani, is born and brought up in India. She is currently practicing dentistry in her hometown. She is a bit reserved in person, so prefers to express through writing and eventually with COVID-19 lockdown , she got indulged in writing poems.

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Ansulika Paul

Ansulika Paul

Ansulika Paul is a poet, author, researcher and filmmaker. She is a filmmaker by heart and a film critic by words.

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