When you grew in me

Like a baby in the birthing

You grew like a flower

Like a rose

Like a blossom

Like a love

Like a being

You didn’t call me “maa


You called me nothing


That nothing was everything to me.

With months passing by

You became me

We grew closer

And closer

I made you ever reign.

With you growing in me

Grew my being

I grew to be humble and kind

I grew to be benevolent and to shine

I grew to be thankful and pristine

I grew

And grew to be mine.

And one day

You parted from my body

From that organ you were attached to be

From that cell where you lived cancerously.

I bid you goodbye

With love and care

Promising myself to love life

With all its flair.


The food on my plate is a gush of fresh breath

And my breath marked normal

Is a new life in a new making

The cloth I adhere on

Is a tight hug from heaven above

And a wake every morning

Is a reason to praise God.

*Maa is called mother in English.

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Ansulika Paul

Ansulika Paul

Ansulika Paul is a poet, author, researcher and filmmaker. She is a filmmaker by heart and a film critic by words.

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