“Soni” by Ivan Ayr

“Soni” by Ivan Ayr

The film Soni was released in 18 January 2019 (Netflix). It is a film directed by Ivan Ayr and produced by Kimsi Singh and Kartikey Narayan Singh. (wikipedia)

Two female protagonist; two different ranks in the workplace; two different marital status but one struggle. The psychological condition faced by the two ladies in the working arena is very well depicted in the film. The plot of the story is the psychological dilemma of every woman in work and life. A woman is never enough, even if she is financially independent. She is always expected to be dependent because of her gender to the world some way or the other.

Soni is a lady police officer who finds it difficult to control her anger to the gender bias prevailing around. She is also seen having difficult times adjusting with the man in her life. Kalpana (superintendent) who is deputed on a higher rank is questioned for child bearing and her engagement in domestic life. Soni and Kalpana are mirror images yet contrasting and sympathetic about each other.Kalpana is every now and then questioned about her delay in pregnancy. Both the woman stand on the same pedestal in the patriarchal society. Both of them are trying to build their own space. The women also stand together emotionally in the workplace hierarchy. The film consistently speaks how the two woman are sympathetic and supportive of each other, irrespective of their ranks in the police department.

The story begins with Soni, an angry young woman, frustrated by the gender bias. She wants to use her power which she owns but she is not authorised to do so. A similar microcosmic event is recreated between Kalpana and her school going teenaged niece. The school girl disappointed one day shares a school incident with Kalpana where she is humiliated during her menstrual cycle and her discomfort in class.

A scene where Soni’s partner even proclaims out load that Soni’s security is being question because of the absence of a man (him) in the house. The story in a very modernistic manner pitches the idea that a woman is never enough to make it all alone in a patriarchal world,  irrespective of her rank, her status and position in the society.

An imagery of this idea is a scene where Soni is transferred from the police station to Police Control Room and she finds her colleague caught in a situation where her voice is being ridiculed by a caller for being a woman’s voice. The scene depicts that a woman, her body, her voice is always vulnerable to the play of a patriarchal society.

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