Stop sleep walking through life!

Stop sleep walking through life!

9 lessons to increase your awareness

Dr. Devdas Menon. Yogi Impression Books Pvt Ltd; 1st edition 2004. pp. 114. ISBN-10: 8188479519. Price Rs. 158/-

Book Review

By Ansulika Paul

Recommended as a textbook for Humanities Courses in IIT Madras, “Stop sleep walking through life!” is the hinch (the hint and the pinch) that takes one nowhere but to be aware.

Dr. Devdas Menon is a professor of structural engineering at IIT Madras, and a successful consultant.

The run and the race one is customised to be equipped of with the passing years of one’s life is decoded with utmost simplicity of words and thoughts in the title. The facet of human happiness – education and the education that rightfully provides enduring happiness is bundled up in one text. The book evokes questions like “Is one aware to be aware?” “Is one calculating, framing and reframing oneself for a lifetime?” Or “Is one awakened to be awakened to wakefully live through life?”

Dr. Devdas Menon, well-versed in the various spiritual traditions of Vedanta, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen, Christianity and Sufism, blends palpably thoughts satisfying the need of the to-be-awakened souls (the readers).

This book is just the begining to many questions one enquires in life sometime. A 100 pages of wisdom to be educated with paving more to come lifelong.


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Ansulika Paul

Ansulika Paul

Ansulika Paul is a poet, author, researcher and filmmaker. She is a filmmaker by heart and a film critic by words.

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