The whirlwind of emotions – “The Home-Coming ” by Rabindranath Tagore

The whirlwind of emotions – “The Home-Coming ” by Rabindranath Tagore

This is just a drop to the vast fragrance of emotions spread by Rabindranath Tagore ji in his writings.

”The Home-Coming”, being a part of school syllabus takes one to the sprouting emotions of Phatik Chakravarti and every teen-aged child who is personified by this character.

A lonesome boy with an extravagant will to be free. The unspoken words in the story create untraced emotions in the reader.

Tagore ji adds a bunch of pathos with a dash of ambiguity to the character making Phatik a real hero at the end.

A child reading the story finds self synonyms to the rise and fall of emotions with the character.

Phatik’s idea of leaving home and moving to a city away from the constraints of being tangled by relationships. Phatik was just trying to escape the clutches of a much pampered brother who would victimize self for being the apple of mother’s eye.

“The Home-Coming” is a story of a misunderstood teen-aged boy, who wished to be understood from fresh. One can closely relate  to this dilemma and distortion.

A new home and a new misunderstanding, which was way too unimagined by the young boy ever. He was the reason of the trouble, shame and hardship of the house. How could that happen?

Phatik never imagined before, a state synchronous to anyone in his home albeit this new place had no love of a mother. A mother who would easily forgive the mischiefs of her child. This warmth and security was what Phatik was desperate for. It also paved the way for Phatik to surrender to death.

The longing to be felt, heard, and known strongly evokes pain in the reader and a lifelong memory harnessed around the young boy Phatik Chakravarti.

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